How Do You Spell MacLachlan?

What Can Cause a Name Change

The variety of surnames within the MacLachlan Clan does not represent individual sub-clans and/or septs. Instead, it represents the affects of phonetic spelling, marriage, migration and occupation. The discussion below details some of the common reasons our name is spelled differently.

Phonetics At one time, the Clerks and Religious Clerics were about the only individuals who were literate. As such, the spelling of an individual's name would depend on the recorder of the civil records and would tend to be spelled phonetically.

Since most of the early immigrants from Scotland were illiterate, Immigration Officers would often spell the names phonetically.

Legal Entanglement Many names were changed as the result of flight following the loss in a conflict or as the result of an improper/illegal action. This type of change could be thought of as using an alias.

In the most notorious case, almost romanticized in some modern literature, Clan MacGregor's name was outlawed. As a result, clan members adopted other names, most commonly colors such as White and Black) for their own protection.

Hereditary According to some family legends, a disagreement between generations in a family could result in variations in the spelling of the name. Others might change the name simply because they did not like how it was spelled.



What Are Some Of The Spellings?

The following table lists many of the spellings currently recognized as associated with Clan MacLachlan. All are derived from three root names: MacLachlan, Gilchrist (a sept of MacLachlan) and MacEwen (a protectorate of the MacLachlans).


Claflan Claflen Claflin Claflon Clanlachlane Laccan Lachie Lachillan Lachlainn Lachlainson Lachlan Lachlann Lachlanson Lachlieson Lachlin Lachtillan Lafflan Lafflen Lafflin Lafflon Laflan Laflen Laflin Laflon Lauchlan Lauchland Lauchlane Lauchlanesone Lauchlein Lauchlen Laughlan Laughland Laughlen Laughlin Laughlon Laughton Lauhghlan Lochlainn Lochlan Lochlann Locklan Lockland Locklen Locklin Locklon Lofflan Lofflen Lofflin Lofflon Loflan Loflen Loflin Loghlan Lohlan Louchelan Louchlan Louchlani Loucklan Loucklen Loucklin Loucklon Loughlan Loughland Loughlen Loughlin Loughlon Loughton Louhghlan M'Clachlin M'Claichlan M'Claichlane M'Claichline M'Clauchlan M'Clauchlen M'Clauchline M'Clauchlon M'Glauchlen M'Glauchlin M'Glauchlon M'Kclachlane M'Klachlane M'Lauchen M'Lauchin M'Lauchland M'Lauchon M'Laughlane M'Laughlen M'Laughlin M'Laughline M'Laughlon M'Lawchten M'Lawchtin M'Lawchtlane M'Lawchton M'Lawhlen M'Lawhlin M'Lawhlon M'Llauchland M'Llauchlen M'Llauchlin M'Llauchlon M'Louchlen M'Louchlin M'Louchlon MacClachlan MacClachlane MacClachlen MacClachlene MacClachlin MacClachline MacClaichlane MacClaichline MacClauchlan MacClauchlane MacClauchlen MacClauchline MacClauchlon MacClaughlin MacClothlan MacClothlen MacClothlin MacClothlon MacClouchlin MacCloughan MacCocklan MacGlachan MacGlachen MacGlachlan MacGlachland MacGlachlen MacGlachlin MacGlachlon MacGlauchin MacGlauchlen MacGlauchlin MacGlauchlon MacGlauflan MacGlauflen MacGlauflin MacGlauflon MacGlaughlan MacGlaughlen MacGlaughlin MacGlaughlon MacGlaughon MacGlaun MacGlocklan MacGlocklen MacGlocklin MacGlocklon MacGlohn MacGlon MacGlothan MacGlothen MacGlothin MacGlothing MacGlothlan MacGlothlen MacGlothlin MacGlothlon MacGlothon MacGlotten MacGlottin MacGloughlan MacGloughlin MacGlouthlin MacHlachlin MacKclauchlane MacKlawachlane MacLachan MacLachen MacLachian MacLachin MacLachine MacLachlain MacLachlainn MacLachlan MacLachland MacLachlann MacLachlen MacLachlin MacLachline MacLachlon MacLachlun MacLackken MacLacklan MacLacklane MacLacklen MacLacklin MacLackline MacLacklon MacLaclan MacLaflan MacLaflen MacLaflin MacLaflon MacLaghlan MacLaghlane MacLaglan MacLaglen MacLaglin MacLaglon MacLaouhlan MacLauchen MacLauchin MacLauchlain MacLauchlan MacLauchland MacLauchlane MacLauchleam MacLauchleine MacLauchlen MacLauchliene MacLauchlin MacLauchline MacLauchlon MacLauchon MacLaucklan MacLaughlan MacLaughland MacLaughlane MacLaughlen MacLaughlin MacLaughline MacLaughlon MacLaughlun MacLaughton MacLauthlan MacLauthlin MacLawchtan MacLawchtane MacLawchten MacLawchtin MacLawchton MacLawhlen MacLawhlin MacLawhlon MacLawlan MacLlauchlan MacLlauchland MacLlauchlin MacLlauchlon MacLochan MacLochlainn MacLochlan MacLochlen MacLochlin MacLochlon MacLocklan MacLocklen MacLocklin MacLocklon MacLouchlen MacLouchlin MacLouchlon MacLoucklan MacLoucklen MacLoucklin MacLoucklon MacLoughlan MacLoughlin MacLouthan MacLuchlayne Machlachlin Machlan Machlen Machlin Machlon Macklawchlane Macklawchline Macklochlane Macklochline Macklowchlane Macklowchline Makclachlane Makclachline Makclauchlane Makcloten Makclotin Makcloton Makclowdan Makclowden Makclowdin Makclowdon Maklawchlan Maklawchlane Maklawchline Maklochlane Maklochline Maklowchlane Maklowchline McClachlan McClachlane McClachlen McClachlene McClachlin McClachline McClaichlane McClaichline McClauchlan McClauchlane McClauchlen McClauchline McClauchlon McClaughlin McClothlan McClothlen McClothlin McClothlon McClouchlin McCloughan McCocklan McGlachan McGlachen McGlachlan McGlachland McGlachlen McGlachlin McGlachlon McGlauchin McGlauchlen McGlauchlin McGlauchlon McGlauflan McGlauflen McGlauflin McGlauflon McGlaughlan McGlaughlen McGlaughlin McGlaughlon McGlaughon McGlaun McGlocklan McGlocklen McGlocklin McGlocklon McGlohn McGlon McGlothan McGlothen McGlothin McGlothing McGlothlan McGlothlen McGlothlin McGlothlon McGlothon McGlotten McGlottin McGloughlan McGloughlin McGlouthlin McHlachlin McKclauchlane McKlawachlane McLachan McLachen McLachian McLachin McLachine McLachlain McLachlainn McLachlan McLachland McLachlane McLachlann McLachlen McLachlin McLachline McLachlon McLachlun McLackken McLacklan McLacklane McLacklen McLacklin McLackline McLacklon McLaclan McLaflan McLaflen McLaflin McLaflon McLaghlan McLaghlane McLaglan McLaglen McLaglin McLaglon McLaouhlan McLauchen McLauchin McLauchlain McLauchlan McLauchland McLauchlane McLauchleam McLauchleine McLauchlen McLauchliene McLauchlin McLauchline McLauchlon McLauchon McLaucklan McLaughland McLaughlane McLaughlen McLaughlin McLaughline McLaughlon McLaughlun McLaughton McLauthin McLauthlan McLawchtan McLawchtane McLawchten McLawchtin McLawchton McLawhlen McLawhlin McLawhlon McLawlan McLlauchland McLlauchlen McLlauchlin McLlauchlon McLochan McLochlainn McLochlan McLochlen McLochlin McLochlon McLocklan McLocklen McLocklin McLocklon McLouchlen McLouchlin McLouchlon McLoucklan McLoucklen McLoucklin McLoucklon McLoughlan McLoughlin McLouthan McLuchlayne Mchlachlin O'Laughlen O'Laughlin O'Loughlin V'clauchtlan Vclauchlayne


Crist Gikchrist Gilchreaste Gilchrest Gilchris Gilchrist Gilkchrist Gilkeson Gilkison Gillechreist Gillechreiste Gillochrist Gillocrist Killcreas Kilchrist M'Gilchrist M'Gilcreist M'Lecgreist M'Lechreist M'Yllecrist MacGhilc MacGilchrist MacGillecrist MacIlchreist MacIlcrist MacIll-Christ MacIllechriosd MacIllichrist MacKilchrist Macklechreist Makgilkriste McGhilc McGilchrist McGillecrist McIlchreist McIlcrist McIll-Christ McIllichrist McKilchrist V'Lechreist


Eoghain Eoghan Eouin Euanson Euenson Eugein Eugen Eughann Eunson Evenson Ewan Ewen Ewenson Ewin Ewing Ewings Ewon Keown M'Eouin M'Eun M'Ewine M'Kevin M'Yowin MaGoon MacCeun MacCoan MacCoin MacCoon MacCoun MacCuan MacCuen MacCuidhean MacCuithan MacCuithein MacCune MacCunn MacEoghan MacEroune MacEwan MacEwen MacEwin MacEwing MacGoon MacGruen MacKeon MacKeowan MacKeowen MacKeowin MacKeown MacKewan MacKewen MacKewn MacKhone MacKown MacKuen MacKuin MacKune MacOunn MacOwan MacOwans MacOwen MacOwens MacOwin MacOwins MacQuone MacQuowen MacQuowens Makevin Makewin Makewn McCeun McCoan McCoin McCoon McCoun McCuan McCuen McCuidhean McCuithan McCuithein McCune McCunn McEoghan McEroune McEwan McEwen McEwin McEwing McGoon McGruen McKeon McKeowan McKeowen McKeowin McKeown McKewan McKewen McKewn McKhone McKown McKuen McKuin McKune McOunn McOwan McOwans McOwen McOwens McOwin McOwins McQuone McQuowen McQuowens Owein Owen Owens VcQuhewin

For More Information

For more information on these and other Scottish names, we recommend the following sources:

Tartan For Me, Fourth Edition, by Philip D. Smith, Jr., Scotpress, Bruceton Mills, WV, USA, 1990, ISBN 0-9616643-3-9

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