MacLachlan Modern Tartan

Amazingly, the commonly worn MacLachlan sett of red, blue and black is the second oldest tartan. It was first described in James Logan's Scottish Gael, published in 1831. Logan obtained most of his details from Wilsons so it is reasonable to conclude they were weaving this pattern at about this time. Like the MacNab, this pattern is a red and blue variation of the Black Watch tartan. It may have arisen simply as a color variant by the weavers or at the request of the Chief or a clan member with regimental connections.

The following table defines the sett thread counts for this tartan.

Rd Bk Rd Bk Rd Bk Bl Gn Bl Bk Rd Bk Rd
32 4 4 4 4 32 32 6 32 32 32 4 4

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