MacLachlan Crest

The Clan MacLachlan crest shown is defined as: Out of a crest coronet, A castle set upon a rock, all proper. The crest coronet is a gold coronet of four strawberry leaves with three showing. The three towered castle and the rock are both symbols of safety and refuge. The gold color is used to symbolize both generosity and elevation of mind. The term "proper" indicates that the symbol is displayed in its natural colors.

Each tower of the castle represents one of the three royal lines from whom the Clan Chiefs descend: the Dalriadic Kings of Ireland, the Celtic Kings of Scotland and the Scandinavian Kings of the Hebrides. The rock base is said to represent the Stone of Destiny upon which the Dalriadic Kings of Ireland and Scotland were crowned. At one time, the stone was located at Dunadd, once part of the MacLachlan lands.


The Crowning Place of Kings
It's higher up than it looks...
View from the top... our car is down there!
The footprint of kings...


Photos taken at Dunadd in June 2009 by Richard and Nancy MacLauchlan, Riverview, Florida..

The symbolic meanings of the crests listed in this section are taken from The Book Of Crests, by Mike McLaren, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1990, ISBN 1-55613-401-0.

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