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The Stone Mountain Highland Games

The Stone Mountain Highland Games are held on the third FULL weekend of each October just East of Atlanta, Georgia. The Games feature living history units, outstanding pipe, dance and athletic competitions, over 80 Clans and Societies, glorious Scottish music from around the world and vendors and crafters from around the country. The region is always beautifully decorated in Fall's finest colors. Stone Mountain park is an added attraction for the Festival.

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  1. Clan MacLachlan joins Clan MacEwan at the Stone Mountain Highland Games, October, 1995, for a wee dram and celebration. Both groups have been close friends for years. Several individuals are members of both organizations.
  2. The late Basil Gilchrist, then Southeast Regional Commissioner, takes a moment to relax during the 1995 Games.
  3. Within a few minutes, what started out above as a small gathering of MacLachlans and MacEwens quickly grew into a larger group. Members of both clans mysteriously appeared - almost as if they truly were Children of the Mist... Perhaps it was the Calling of the Clans - or perhaps it was the Water of Life!
  4. Herb Jacobs, then Vice-President, talking with his fellow MacLachlans on what issues they feel are important.
  5. Hugh Gilchrist, CMANA President 1984-1987 and Newsletter Editor 1988-1999, and his son enjoy the wonderful Fall weather of the Georgia Games.
  6. Jane Gilchrist, Michaele Finegan and Marjorie Warren await the start of the 1995 Parade of Tartans.
  7. Jim Finegan, Secretary 1990-1999, awaits the Parade of Tartans. As usual, the parade is on Scottish Standard Time - late.



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