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The Potomac Celtic Festival

The Potomac Celtic Festival is held on the second weekend of each June at the Morven Park International Equestrian Center just north of Leesburg, Virginia. The Festival features 2000 years of living history units, athletic competitions, multiple stages of Celtic music and dance from around the world and numerous artisans and crafters from around the country.

The Potomac Celtic Festival began as the Oatlands Celtic Festival. For the first four years, it was held on the grounds of Oatlands Plantation south of Leesburg. In 1998, the Festival relocated to the larger area provided by Morven Park. While the trees and gardens of Oatlands were left behind, the new site offers easier access and more room for activities.

This festival has an incredible mix of artisans, musicians, dancers, athletics, history and heritage. Over fifty artisans attend each year offering their wares. Six stages are used to present music, dance, poetry and stories. Nearly a dozen living history groups participate demonstrating aspects of Celtic life from around 50 BC through World War I. Clan and society tents help people find their Celtic heritage.

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The People We Meet!




  1. Jim Finegan, Bill Laflin and Tim McLaughlin lead the Maclachlans in the Parade of Tartans. June, 1995.
  2. Peter and Margaret McLachlan march by the tent in The Prade of Tartans. June, 1996.
  3. Michaele Finegan and her daughters are joined by Peter and Margaret McLachlan at the tent. June, 1996.




The Things We See!








  1. Pat Murphy and his friend join Jim Finegan and a wee lass in front of the tent. June 1996.
  2. Her Majesty's Royal Guards, Circa 1880. June, 1996.
  3. The Celtic Sixth Century. June, 1996. Here, one of the re-enacters is demonstrating 6th century cooking techniques.
  4. Artisans and crafters from all over the east coast display their wares. Some, like this blacksmith, make replica items from our past. One can find almost anything - from leatherwork and jewelry to plants. One may even see a ceramic gargoyle or two. June, 1996.
  5. Dancers and Musicians from the seven Celtic nations (Scotland, Ireland, Galacia, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales and the Ilse of Mann demonstrate their talents throughout the day on six stages. June, 1996.
  6. Late Spring in Northern Virginia is a time of beauty and wonder. The rolling hills are alive with the sights and sounds of nature. Flowers, including giant thistles, abound everywhere. June, 1997.
  7. Pat Parker, Master Athelete, and Mike Rhodes, Amateur Athelete, receive their trophies during the 1999 Festival.




The Places We Live!


  1. Clan MacLachlan's 1995 Award Winning Tent. Clan MacLachlan won the PCF's first Celtic Cup Award for Best Clan/Society Tent.




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