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    Clan MacLachlan In North America

    The Clan MacLachlan has been represented at Scottish gatherings and events across North America for over three decades. At first, it was made up of an informal group of dedicated people who gave of their energies to foster a young but growing organization. It was not until 1981 that we finalized bylaws and elected officers to formally create the Clan MacLachlan Association of North America, the first such organization dedicated to our MacLachlan heritage in the world. We have grown from a small group of Southeasterners to an international group of several hundred throughout North America.


    The objectives of the organization are to promote the general interest of the Clan and to cultivate the spirit of kinship and fellowship among its members throughout North America and with the Clan Society in the United Kingdom; to collect and preserve literary, historical, and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the Clan and to Scotland; to honor our Scottish heritage and to cultivate among our members and descendants the pride and spirit of our Scottish ancestors; to render aid to all clansmen should they meet adversity.



    If you are interested in receiving more information on membership within the Clan MacLachlan Association of North America (CMANA), please email our president or any other officer. We will send you a complete information packet. This packet includes the official application form/genealogical pedigree chart.

    If you are interested in applying for membership today, a copy of our Membership Application form can be downloaded here. Membership Application

    Simply download the form, open it with Acrobat Reader, print it, fill it in, attach your pedigree charts and return it with your first year's dues.

    Download Adobe's Acrobat Reader® software: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader


    Annual Dues

    Currently, annual dues (for the 2014/2015 dues year) are $35.00 U.S. per membership. We do not offer a Life membership classification.

    Our dues year is defined as July 1 through the following June 30. Pay yearly dues using PayPal or credit card.


    Types of Memberships

    Family: Covers all residents at a single residential address. Only the adult members (over age 18) of the family may hold office and vote.

    Associate: Covers all individuals at a single residential address who support Clan MacLachlan but cannot trace their ancestry to a MacLachlan. Associate members are ineligible to vote or hold office.

    Benefits of Membership

    The CMANA has published a book entitled the History and Legends of Clan MacLachlan that is available to its members for a nominal price. This volume provides historical information on the MacLachlans, the Gilchrists and the MacEwens from the days of the Dalriadic Scots to modern times. It also provides an unparalleled architectural description of the Old Castle Lachlan, informative maps showing where the various cadet branches lived, and an in-depth discussion on the MacLachlan tartans. The book may be ordered through the LEGENDS link on our homepage.

    The CMANA publishes an organizational newsletter, The ROEBUCK, two times per year. Members also receive two issues yearly of the Clan Lachlan newsletter produced by our worldwide Clan MacLachlan Society. Included within each newsletter are articles that cover the interesting things we MacLachlans do (whether famous, infamous or unknown) including highland games, festivals, and travelogues. Still other articles provide insight into our common heritage and history, with special emphasis on the exploits and adventures of our ancestors including after their emigration from Scotland to many other parts of the world including North America and Australia. Finally, traditional Scottish fare recipes often grace each issue to provide more appetizing flair. These publications are included with CMANA membership. Besides The ROEBUCK, some of our regions are publishing local newsletters informing the membership of upcoming events and news highlights in their area.

    The CMANA currently has representation, in a Clan Tent, at over 40 Scottish and Celtic Festivals, Games and Fairs across North America each year. These tents provide a central location for our membership to socialize and participate in sponsored activities such as Tartan Parades and Clan Competitions (for example, the Haggis Hurl). The CMANA provides its members with information on many of the approximately 250 annual events held across North America each year. This information is published in The ROEBUCK and can be requested separately.

    The Association holds its Annual Grandfather Mountain Dinner/Luncheon on the second Saturday of July during the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina.

    Besides the activities in North Carolina, the Association holds an Annual New England Regional Gathering and Dinner. Traditionally, this dinner is held in conjunction with the Tam O'Shanter Highland Games in Brocton, Massachusetts. The New Hampshire Highland Games at Loon Mountain in mid-September are scenic games, and visitors are encouraged to attend the "Highland Fling" held on Saturday evening each year.

    The Association also holds its Annual Great Lakes Regional Dinner on the Fourth Saturday of June during the Ohio Scottish Games in Oberlin, Ohio (near Cleveland). The dinner has been traditionally held at Mountain Jack's Restaurant, which is next to the Holiday Inn in Elyria, Ohio.

    In addition to these Annual Dinners, other regional socials are held both in conjunction with other Highland Games and Festivals and as a separate weekend function. A few of the dinners have even featured traditional Scottish fare. The Association has even sponsored a group excursion to Scotland that culminated with a luncheon with our Chief.

    We'll be publishing details on these, and other CMANA events, in upcoming issues of the newsletter and by special regional notices. If applicable, details on special lodging arrangements are also published.



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