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The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held on the second FULL weekend of each July in MacRae Meadows atop Grandfather Mountain. The Meadows are located off US221 just north of Linville, North Carolina. The Games feature outstanding pipe, dance and athletic competitions, over 125 Clans and Societies, outstanding Scottish music and some of the largest import vendors from around the country. The Games are truly a Scottish experience - one that you are not likely to forget.

Since 1970, Clan MacLachlan has been gathering annually in an organized manner. Every third year, Clan MacLachlan holds their Annual Meeting in conjunction with these games. At that time, the newly elected Officers are installed. A festive Clan MacLachlan dinner is held on the Saturday evening with attendees dressed in their clan colors.

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2011 Highland Games and Annual General Meeting
President Bob greeting visitors
The Hospitality tent...
The info tent...
Tom McLaughlan & Richard MacLauchlan
Bob, Mim and John Spencer
Clan Claus and Joe Hough
JoAnn McLaughlin, Andrew Spence, Johanna & Meg MacLauchlan, Dan Coryn
Nancy MacLauchlan & Tom McLaughlan
out of the mist came the sound of the pipes...
Secretary Lea (McLaughlin) & Wes Harkins with Bob
Monty & Nancy McLachlan and family
Brothers Bob & Jim sharing a laugh!
John Spencer reciting "Ode to a Haggis"
The Broyhill Inn clan dinner attendees
Jim & Carla McLaughlin



MacLauchlans on Parade
Picturesque Setting
Grandfather Mountain Highlanders
Jim McLaughlin, CMANA President Bob McLaughlin and his wife JoAnn.
Walter MacLachlan family
Brother Conveners:
Jim & Bob McLaughlin
CMANA President Bob McLaughlin
and lovely dancing lassies.
A visitor from Glasgow
and her companion
Bob had a great vantage point to
watch the happenings!
CMANA President Bob McLaughlin presenting the haggis.
The Thomas McLaughlin family with our new CMANA Secretary, Lea Harkins, standing next to her father in her lovely white dress and shawl.



Clan MacLachlan History at GMHG
... a look back through the years







  1. Hugh Gilchrist, President from 1984 through 1987, leads the MacLachlans in the Parade of Tartan. The exact year of the photo is unknown.
  2. Bill Ashworth, President from 1987 through 1990, leads the MacLachlans in the Parade of Tartan in July of 1988. This photo appeared in the Highlander when the publication featured an article on the history of Clan MacLachlan.
  3. Jack McLaughlin, President from 1993 through 1996, leads the MacLachlans in the Parade of Tartan, July, 1993. Herb Jacobs, then Vice President, and Jim Finegan, then Secretary, are carrying the nameboard.
  4. Jim Finegan, Secretary from 1990 through 1999, and Bill Ashworth, President from 1987 through 1990, lead the MacLachlans in the Parade of Tartan, July, 1995. Michaele Finegan, then Treasurer, and Pat Finegan are carrying the nameboard.



The People We Meet!













  1. The first MacLachlan presence on Grandfather Mountian. This photo of a wee MacLachlan in front of the banner was taken around 1959 by James C. MacLachlan who later became our 2nd President.
  2. Frank MacLachlan, Michael Wolpert, John McLaughlin and George Buelow discussing the Games, July 1973.
  3. Ellen MacLauchlin, then Secretary, and her brother "Florida Bill" MacLauchlin. This photo was taken in the early 1980s.
  4. Ruth Buelow, Bob McLaughlin, then Vice-President, Connie Ashworth, then Secretary, Tom McLaughlan, Hugh Gilchrist, Bill Ashworth, Jr., then President, and Bill Ashworth, Sr., pose during the 1985 Games.
  5. The 1996 to 1999 Executive Board. Right to left: Herb Jacobs, President, Jim Finegan, Secretary, and Jack McLaughlin, Immediate Past President. Seated is Michaele Finegan, Treasurer. Steve Gilkeson, the Vice President, was unable to attend.
  6. Passing the Presidential Standard: Outgoing President Bob McLaughlin passes the Presidential Standard to Jack McLaughlin during the 1993 Annual Meeting. Every 3rd year, the Annual Meeting returns to Grandfather Mountain to install its newly elected Executive Board.
  7. Marjorie Warren, a Master Weaver, is seen weaving the Hunting MacLachlan tartan. Marjorie is also the creator of the Grandfather Mountaon Highland Games tartan.
  8. Clan MacLachlan's 1994 Mountaintop Picnic. For a couple of years, Clan MacLachlan gathered atop Howard's Knob for an informal picnic. Pictured here are Lynn MacLauchlin, Ellen MacLauchlin and Jack McLaughlin, then President.
  9. Charlotte and Anna MacLauchlin receive a Special Recognition Award during the 1996 Clan Dinner. The targe was hand crafted by Jack McLaughlin, then Immediate Past President.
  10. Jim Finegan, "Florida Bill" MacLauchlin, Hugh Gilchrist and Bob McLaughlin prepare to do battle prior to the Parade of Tartans. Bill Ashworth, Jr., can be seen in the background wondering what type of water his fellow clansmen had found.
  11. You Never Know Who Will Stop By! Alex Beaton, Carl Braun and Bill Reid visit with Michaele Finegan at Grandfather Mountain, July, 1995.
  12. Members of Clan MacLachlan gather at the 1995 Annual Clan Dinner, held at the Quality Inn Convention Center in Boone, following a day atop the Mountain. The dinner has been held in conjunction with the games for many years.



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