Clan MacLachlan - A Millenium of History

For nearly a thousand years, Clan MacLachlan has played a role in Scottish History.
This page gives some of the highlights in that long and honorable history.


Scotland 1808
  • Relocated from Ireland to Scotland in the 11th Century
  • Somerled's Revolt in 1164
  • Robert the Bruce's First Parliament in 1308
  • Many Allegiances and Ties Made with Clan Campbell
  • MacEwen Lands and Titles Lost in 1432
  • The MacLachlan Lands Received Charter in 1574
  • Aided the MacGregors in the Battle of Glen Fruin in 1603
  • Fought for Charles I at the Battle of Alford in 1645
  • Clan Lands Erected into Free Barony in 1680
  • Fought for the Bonnie Dundee at the Battle of Killiecrankie 1689
  • Joined The Jacobite Rebellion of 1715
  • Joined The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745
  • Fought for Prince Charles Edward Stuart at Culloden in 1746
  • Clan Lands Returned to Clan in 1749
  • Construction of New Castle Lachlan in 1794
  • Commanded Argyll Unit During WW I
  • Aided The Allied Cause During WW II

    11th And 12th Centuries

    13th And 14th Centuries

    15th And 16th Centuries

    17th Century - Civil Strife Abounds

    18th Century - The End of Civil Turmoil

    19th and 20th Centuries

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